Asheville Running: River Arts District

Over a decade ago, I compiled a photo history of baseball in Baltimore entitled, fittingly, Baseball in Baltimore. While doing so, I sifted through 1,000’s of picture of the Orioles and their predecessors. So while out on a recent run in Asheville’s River Arts District, I immediately recognized the painted rendering of an iconic photo of Hall-of-Famer Brooks Robinson making a diving catch in game three of the 1970 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

His stellar fielding helped the O’s to a series win in just five games, and prompted Reds’ manager Sparky Anderson to comment, “I’m beginning to see Brooks (Robinson) in my sleep. If I dropped a paper plate, he’d pick it up on one hop and throw me out at first.”

Asheville’s artistic take on Robinson can be found by turning from Lyman Street onto Old Lyman Street and looking left to the mural-laden warehouse as you run past.