Frozen Falls in Western NC

Catawba Falls in Old Fort, NC (Photo / T. Flynn)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (January 14, 2018) – While the weather has been exceptionally cold in western North Carolina, a benefit (as noted by the Asheville Citizen-Times) is frozen waterfalls in the area. I followed a mile-long trail to one in nearby Old Fort that led to the 100-foot+ high Catawba Falls within Pisgah National Forest. Along the way were a number of locations where the streams leading away from the falls were frozen.

It’s an easy hike with a large payoff for the effort and it’s located about 15 miles east of Asheville, just over the Eastern Continental Divide off of I-40. For years, access to the falls was limited as they sat on private property, but acquisition of the land adjacent to the falls, as well as upgrades to the trail leading to it, have put it in reach for hikers. – TF

Frozen stream en route to Catawba Falls (Photo / T. Flynn)