Photos: Myrtle Beach Tops Salem, 8-7

Myrtle Beach Pelicans vs. Salem Red Sox, 06.30.2015 (Photo / T. Flynn)

June 30, 2015 (Canada Day)
Myrtle Beach – It’s a story that plays out every night, all summer long, in hundreds of American towns. On the last day of June, some of our family made it to a nine-inning chapter in one  Myrtle Beach.

A hodge-podge mix of our baseball-enamored relatives all gathered in the leftfield bleachers under the lengthening shade of a weathered green metal roof dented with the drop and roll of a thousand foul balls.

(Photo / T Flynn)

A breeze that never found its way to the centerfield flagpole paid us regular visits, and we spat Old Bay-doused sunflower seeds onto the concrete. If the gust came along at the right time, the seeds went off toward home plate of their own accord.

There were no nearby fans, so we spread out and got up when we wanted. We drifted into banter, ignored the game, cheered the game, stood, stretched, and drifted back to banter again.

(Photo / T Flynn)

To remember the night, an 8-7 Pelicans victory over the visiting Salem Red Sox, I took some shots. Rather than have them gather dust on my computer, I wanted to get some out here. The Pelicans put on a great show and obliged us with a victory. Gathered here are a few moments captured from the game. – Tom 

(Photo / T.Flynn)