MIT, Football Power

The MIT Engineers stand at 8-0 (Photo / )

November 11, 2014
 by Boxer Journal
Cambridge, MA – Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins football program has at least a handful of New England counterparts. That is to say, academically strong colleges and universities fielding gridiron squads at the Division III level. The Blue Jays have far fewer peers competitively. At 9-0, Hopkins is ranked #7 in the country by No New England schools are in the top ten.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had an article on a team that is poised to change that. For the first time in its history, the MIT Engineers qualified for the NCAA Division III football playoffs. The Institute fielded a team from 1888 – 1901, before taking an 87-year pause and resuming play in 1988. This year they won their first New England Football Conference championship.

The Engineers still sit outside the Division III top 25, but could break-in with a win this weekend against the Coast Guard Academy (3-6). The scheduled start time for the game is 6:00 PM at Roberts Field at Steinbrenner Stadium in Cambridge.