College Baseball: A Good Look West to Cal

Cal Baseball, Spring 2011 (photo / Cal Baseball Foundation)

By Boxer Journal Feb. 26, 2014
Berkeley, CA – Boxer Journal has reached out to the University of California and in addition to its baseball coverage centered around the Mid-Atlantic, will be covering the Bears intermittently throughout the season. 

The reasons are two-fold. The Bears program was nearly shuttered following an announcement in the fall of 2010 that baseball was being cut along with four other sports. By the spring of 2011, close to $9 Mn was raised to keep the program alive. Miraculously, the 2011 team went on to qualify for the College World Series that year. 

Cal Baseball, Spring 2011 (photo/ Cal Baseball Foundation)

A very similar story played out on a smaller scale here in the Mid-Atlantic when the Towson Tigers baseball program was announced as cut from the school budget prior to the 2013 season. Protests, coupled with state intervention and some private fundraising, kept the team alive. 

The Tigers then promptly went out and won the competitive Colonial Athletic Conference (CAA) and qualified for the NCAA tournament. It was their first tourney appearance in 22 years. 

This year Cal is off to a 5-2 start heading into a Friday night game against Baylor, while Towson stands at 4-2 in the young campaign.

Cal Baseball, Spring 2011 (photo / Cal Baseball Foundation)