College Basketball: Harvard Prevails (& Falls)

The NCAA tourney is well-covered elsewhere, but it’s still worthy to point out the Harvard Crimson’s first round victory Thursday night in Salt Lake City. Harvard beat the #3 New Mexico Lobos, 68-62. It was the first tournament win in the school’s history.’s Josh Levin does a good job covering the financial decisions that helped arguably the country’s best university put a winning team on the court. In an effort to up its competitiveness, the Crimson have stayed within the bounds of NCAA rules, while taking advantage of fiscal opportunities they might have eschewed in the past in the name of amateurism.

Follow-up: On Saturday, ice-cold shooting from the floor did in Harvard, as they missed their first 13 shots to fall to Arizona, 74-51. Extending beyond the 13, the Crimson missed 20 of their first 22. Harvard finishes the year at 20-10 and Ivy League champions.