Sports History: August 26, 2009 – Ted Kennedy (1932-2009)

Touchdown Kennedy, 1955. (Boston Globe File Photo / John B. Loengard)

Massachussetts Senator Ted Kennedy passed away on Tuesday at age 77 after a long battle with brain cancer. First sworn into the Senate in 1962, his political legacy in the US spans more than four decades.

His politics best left to the op-ed pages, here at FIELD we’ll note that among his many accomplishments he was the youngest of four famous brothers that saw time as a member of the Harvard football team. Ted enjoyed the family’s most memorable football moment, scoring the touchdown captured above in a 21-7 loss to Yale in 1955.

Ted and Bobby both earned varsity letters for the Crimson on the gridiron. Joe, Jr., killed in action in 1944, participated in football, rugby and crew at Harvard in the 1930’s. Jack was forced from the game before making varsity, undersized and plagued by chronic pain and injury.

“He was a big guy for the time,” recalled former teammate and All-American Dick Clasby of Ted. “Ted wasn’t terrifically fast, but he was quick and tough and gave no quarter.”