Books: Venable Park

Boxer Journal’s Tom Flynn, has released an e-version of his historical fiction novel, Venable Park, for Kindle/Nook.

The novel is set in 1920’s Baltimore and its central stage is Venable Stadium, built in 1922 in the city’s former Venable Park.  Built with the hope of landing the 1924 Army-Navy game, the stadium does just that and the novel’s central character, Henry Dawson -a former WW I doughboy-, finds himself employed in the expansion of Venable for the game. Working there he finds both elusive happiness and an unfolding secret that threatens to return him to the despair of the war.

VP has garnered a fistful of good reviews, including from NPR, Urbanite Magazine, Boston College’s Post Road Magazine, and a particularly glowing mention from Celeste Sollod of Baltimore Books. Some quips:

“An excellent book, incredible research…heartbreaking, but ultimately satisfying” —WYPR – Baltimore’s NPR Station.  

“One of the best things about reviewing books is discovering authors like Tom Flynn. Flynn lets his character tell his story without getting in the way…which is what makes Venable Park so captivating. Venable Park is reminiscent of Thomas Mallon’s novels Mrs. Paine’s Garage and Henry and Clara  about the ordinary people behind great historical events.”– Celeste Sollod, Baltimore Books

“Venable Park…creates a unique vision of Baltimore in the age of Gatsby.” —Urbanite Magazine